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In June 2018, a small group of friends in Norcross, Georgia had an idea: to create a taxi company that stood out for its focus on safety, comfort, and advanced technology. Thus was born Taxi Laser, with less than 3 vehicles and a big vision.

From the beginning, the team behind Taxi Laser was dedicated to offering exceptional service to their clients. They carefully selected the most reliable and skilled drivers, and equipped each vehicle with cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers.

Over time, Taxi Laser began to gain a reputation in the local community as the most reliable and technologically advanced taxi company. Passengers appreciated the ease with which they could book a ride and the peace of mind of knowing their driver was trustworthy. Drivers appreciated the constant support and high-tech tools that allowed them to provide the best possible service.

Today, Taxi Laser is a thriving company with a constantly growing fleet of vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology, serving the Norcross community and its surrounding areas. But although they have grown, their commitment to safety, comfort, and advanced technology remains as strong as the day they started in 2018 with less than 3 vehicles.

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